It starts with an idea; discussion of the idea creates excitement; excitement leads to action.
Our idea was born out of a view into the future with insight from the past.  Everyone is talking about how and where we should work - History said we should all be boxed into an office or area dictated by status or rank. Then there was a movement for flexible working or to work from home. Loneliness and a lack of social inspiration quickly proved that we needed an environment in which we can share, grow and thrive.
We understand that individuals, or businesses, generally live and breathe their own industry, however, if an opportunity was created for those to come together with others, they could be inspired and grow from networking with other professionals from other industries.
Co-working is the wrong word for what we have created. We had to go back in time to find the word, our name, Agora, to encapsulate what we are - a social and business meeting place. What we have done is modernise that idea by making it easy and comfortable to work and socialise with other industries, but also incorporating your well-being. Health, good health, helps you operate better in life and at work.
Next, I will explain both of our concepts, how they intertwine and how we can help you and your business.

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